Personal Genomics 101

Personal Genomics 101     Things you need to know. 


Genomics is a system of DNA that differentiates unique individuals from one another. In a genome, there are places that are randomly cut by restriction enzymes that create different sized fragments. The sizes of those fragments distinguish people's traits from one another.

How it Works

There are many companies around the world that collect saliva samples and read the DNA by using the genotyping process. To read the DNA that is taken from the cheek cells, the scientists analyze it on a genotyping chip. 

The chip works by having the fragments in your DNA stick to the probes on the genotyping chip that are complementary to that fragment. Then fragments of DNA that are specially tagged are presented to the chip in a way that make them stick to any probes that are paired perfectly with sample DNA. Next, the tagged DNA fragments are indicated to glow, showing which version of each SNP is in the sample. This process can determine your traits, ancestry, and predicted diseases or illnesses.(

Medical Usage

Personal Genomics has led to new discoveries of medicines that are used to prevent predicted diseases that are seen in the genome testing. Predictive Medicine is using information that is pulled from personal genomics testing when choosing what types of medical treatments would be useful for a particular individual.  


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